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Rob "Rambo" Williams

My interest in Tattooing started at a very young age; around 10 years old after seeing them on the older generation and on band members etc.

I loved to draw as a child and was heavily influenced by the Tattoos i saw, especialy the ones punks and skinheads were having done.

A lot of time in school was spent in the art room drawing and designing Tattoos, 'Tattooing' had become a child hood dream.

Upon leaving school I went to college to study Art and Design, again I was lucky to be able to base it on Tattoo art. I then decided to visit as many different tattoo studios as i could in order to gain experience and gather as much information as possible about the art by watching Tattooists at work. I visited events such as the famous 'Bulldog Bash', plus other bike shows and rallys.

By the age of 15 I'd already been experimenting with hand poking tattoos and bare needle, that knowledge helped me with my first tattoo which came shortly after. I was lucky enough to find a Tattooist who allowed me to Tattoo a friend, that was my first tattoo with a real tattoo machine, the year was 1991. I was now truly hooked and loved it.

I started a five year apprenticeship in 1996 in Mid Wales, everything then just fell into place. I have continued to Tattoo here ever since.

In 2005 my long awaited first shop opened in Machynlleth. In 2012 I opened a newer bigger studio in the same town.

I've worked along side artists such as Ben Ormerod and Kyle "egg" Williams, who regularly guest spot with me, which I love. As of this year (2016) I plan to have many regular guest artists including: Ant Ross and Joe Philips both of whom will give the public a much broader range of Tattooing styles.

I love what I do and take my profession very seriously. I've been Tattooing more than half my life and plan to continue that trend until the day I drop.

I've got some big plans for El Diablo Tattoos in the near future, so watch this space !


El Diablo Tattoos

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Guest Artists

Rob Williams - tattooing since 1996, member of the 'British Tattoo Artists Federation'.
Custom designs done.

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OUR ADDRESS: No.2 Old Town Hall, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8AJ, tel: 01654 700099
OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-5:30pm, Sunday to Monday: Closed.

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