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Minimum price Tattoos £25.
Set price on designs.
Hourly Tattoo rate is £60 per hour.
No charge for the custom designed Tattoos.
Autoclave serviced by Excel Health Care Ltd.
Any piercing queries please get in touch.
18+ micro dermals and female niplles.
NO EXCEPTIONS, please bring valid ID.
WARNING!!!!! all images are the property of El Diablo Tattoos and are subject to Copyright laws, any infringement will result in legal action.


  • Deposit must be paid for all bookings.....eg £80.00 tattoo, is a deposit of £40.00 and so on....minimum deposit is £20.00.
  • If you fail to attend your booking you will lose your deposit.
  • Make sure you remember your appointment time, excuses such as forgetting, running late, hung over, missing bus or ill, is not our fault or problem. you WILL be charged for the full booking time if late.
  • You must give 72 hrs notice to cancel or rearrange a booking.
  • If your late for your booking ,you may lose your deposit.
  • Only the person getting tattooed is allowed in the tattooing room.
  • Smoking and eating is not permitted in the studio.
  • Children are to be kept under control if they MUST accompany you to the studio.
  • Tattooists prefer working on clean people, so dont ignore your personal hygiene.
  • If you have any medical conditions please let the tattooist know.


  1. There is no need to turn up for your appointment excessively early, 5-10 mins is enough, you wont get started before your booking time.
  2. Studio doors open 10am, NO EARLIER !
  3. You will be charged for the length of the sitting you have booked, end of ! being late or tapping out will NOT get you a refund.
  4. If i give out advice on a certain design - try listening, ive been tattooing for over 20 years and i take it seriously.
  5. Dont ever think im stretching out the time on a tattoo to make more money, if i wanted a decent rate of pay i would have been a train driver !
  6. If youre after a cover-up, i will only do what i know will work, NOT what youre thinking will work!
  7. The tattooing industry is one business where the customer is very rarely right.
  8. REMEMBER - designs are a set price, the hourly rate only comes into effect on large work over four hours.
  9. Priced designs are done on size and detail, this is NOT the hourly rate.
  10. I will NOT be responsible for a tattoo thats not been looked after, you will be told what to do and given an after care sheet, so crack on !
  11. The day and time of your booking is YOUR responsibility, NOT OURS. Keep your appointment card safe !
  12. To keep your deposit you need to rebook your tattoo 3 days before your date, not after.
  13. Dont 'take the piss' with prices, you will know the price, dont keep checking the price hoping to get a cheaper one, youll just come off as a 'cheap skate'
  14. Some inks can cause a reaction, if this seems to be happening - contact us ASAP !
  15. Please be nice and respectful in the studio, a bad attitude could result in a situation you might not like.
  16. We tattooists do have a life outside of the studio (hard to believe i know), partners, children etc. We might need to rebook you due to various reasons, its not practical, but sometimes necessary, so please deal with it !
  17. YES you must be 18 to get tattooed, i wont tattoo you even with your parents consent.
  18. Please keep still when youre getting tattooed, i want my lines to be clean and straight.
  19. NO your mates cant come into the tattoo area, been there done that, NOT practical. Do they really need to be there monitoring and spoiling my concentration !!!
  20. No dogs or any other animals in the studio.
  21. No taking drugs of any kind in the studio.
  22. Please do not turn up drunk to your appointment, you will lose your deposit and be told to leave.
  23. Dont get steaming the night before your tattoo appointment, you will bleed and the tattoo wont heal well.
  24. You must inform us if you are taking or have recently taken any medication.
  25. If you have any BLOOD DISEASES, you MUST inform us.
  26. Good tattoos are not done quickly and cheap, if you want that then please go elsewhere.
  27. If youre running late please ring the studio.
  28. El Diablo Tattoos is a very busy studio, for a quicker response to a question ring or pop in, Facebook and other social media can be less affective.
  29. Do not arrive for a tattoo on an empty stomach, you risk fainting and throwing up.
  30. If you cant make the appointment - phone us straight away, NOT the following day.

Thank you, have a nice day !

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Guest Artists

Rob Williams - tattooing since 1996, member of the 'British Tattoo Artists Federation'.
Custom designs done.

OUR ADDRESS: No.2 Old Town Hall, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8AJ, tel: 01654 700099
OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-5:30pm, Sunday to Monday: Closed.

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